Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Semester Overview, Second Semester Plans

     First semester is over, which means I'm in my last few months of high school ever.  I learned so much so far this year, most notably how to process black and white film.  I developed nine rolls of 35mm and one roll of 120, which will be posted soon.  I now consider myself proficient with the developing process, only occasionally making mistakes (dumping 20 oz of fixer into the sink instead of back into the jug....).  I also learned how to print with an enlarger, but I still am having issues lining up the paper correctly and finding the perfect exposure consistently.  Those issues should be resolved quickly in the next few weeks, though.

     With the basics down, I hope to continue shooting and developing both formats of film.  I would like to successfully complete the Liquid Emulsion project on wood that's been sitting on the counter for a few months.  I would like to at least begin to incorporate my own photography into my mixed media pieces.  Most importantly, I will shoot and complete my senior year AP Portfolio, especially the concentration section.

     Related to photography but outside of class, my goals also include deciding on my plan for college.  I was accepted to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit with a $44,000 scholarship.  My portfolio review for Kendall College of Art and Design is on February 15th, and KCAD is my first choice by far.  However, the amount of money offered by CCS may prove to be the deciding factor unless KCAD gives me an equal or better scholarship.  We'll have to see...

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