Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Second Self Developed Roll

These are images from my second roll of self developed film.  However, I did cheat and get these scanned at Walgreens instead of scanning them myself.  This was the roll that was in the tank when it cracked open, but luckily they weren't ruined (even though the entire lab now smells like fixer). 

First Self Developed Roll

These are my favorite images from the first roll of film I shot, developed, scanned, and edited by myself.  It took me almost an hour to open and spool the film- I don't recommend an industrial can opener to open up a roll, ha.  Overall I'm extremely pleased with how these came out.

Cracked Tank, and Other Current Projects

Cracked Tank by Hailey Lamb
Cracked Tank, a photo by Hailey Lamb on Flickr.

Since my last post, I've learned how to develop my own film and developed two rolls. I will share some of those images in their own post.

I've also continued to work on anthotypes and photosynthesis prints, but the lack of sunlight has made it very slow work. Considering there is already snow on the ground, it looks like I'll be investing in a UV lamp soon.

In the coming weeks I hope to work on mixed media projects, mostly having to do with creative matting, stacked prints, and distressing.

I also just found out from my photography teacher that I need to start doing drawing exercises to suplement my portfolio and to prepare me for college. Since I know absolutely nothing about drawing, this is a little daunting. I hope that it will positively influence my artist skills, though.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Photosynthesis Printing

T. Grace by Hailey Lamb
T. Grace, a photo by Hailey Lamb on Flickr.
These are the first two photosynthesis prints to finish forming. It took about one full day of sun. I have 10 more of this image printing on individual leaves and one larger collage of the same image as well.

In person, the image is much more prominent.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Construction Paper Printing

T. Grace by Hailey Lamb
T. Grace, a photo by Hailey Lamb on Flickr.

For this project, I printed a high constrast image on an inkjet transparency sheet taped it to a piece of construction paper. It was left in the sun for a few days and this is the result.